Lectures are supplemented by weekly, 120-minute “sections”—that is, a smaller group of students with similar prior experiences, led by a member of staff called a Teaching Fellow (TF). Sections will meet once a week to build on the concepts from lecture and offer hands-on practice via “labs” with the course’s assignments (“problem sets”). Your section will be one of your sources of community in CS50.

Attendance at sections is expected. If you have a one-off conflict with your assigned section time, you may temporarily attend another section listed below. If you have a recurring conflict with your assigned section time, you should complete You may temporarily attend a different section listed below until you are assigned to a new section.

If you are a student who is quarantined or isolating, please reach out to for information on attending alternative sections.


The first sections are in Week 2 on Tue, Sep 14, and Wed, Sep 15. The last sections are in Week 10 on Tue, Nov 16, and Wed, Nov 17. No sections on Tue, Oct 19, or Wed, Oct 20.