• The next lecture, aka Week 4, will be , in Sanders Theatre. Masks are required. If attending via Zoom, note that the Zoom link has changed; be sure to follow the link under Week 4.
  • Quiz 4 is due , Lab 4 is due , and Problem Set 4 is due .
  • If you’ve been feeling like you don’t (yet!) know anyone in the class and/or would like to find a study buddy to talk through psets and more (in a manner consistent with the course’s policy on academic honesty), do submit ASAP, and we’ll do our best to introduce you to one or more classmates!
  • Recall that everyone is enrolled in CS50 SAT/UNS (aka SUS) by default. If your (potential) concentration or department requires that you take CS50 for a letter grade (aka LG) to receive credit, though, be sure to change to LG by , per the course’s FAQs.