CS50 AP Educator Workshop 2020


Hello, world! The CS50 AP Educator Workshop is for middle school and high school teachers who would like to teach CS50 (aka CS50 AP) in their own classrooms. The workshop provides teachers with an overview of CS50’s curricular resources and tools. And also enables teachers to connect with and stay in touch with fellow teachers around the world.

Ordinarily, the workshop is held at Harvard University, but this year’s workshop was instead online via Zoom.

The CS50 AP Educator Workshop was followed by the CS50x Educator Workshop, which is for a broader audience of teachers.


Teaching CS50 AP: An overview of curricular resources

CS50’s Tools: What they are and how to use them

CS50’s Tools for Submitting and Grading

Grading Programming Assignments, Handling Academic Honesty

Discussion of Diversity within Computer Science

Writing Assessments: Labs, quizzes, and other assignments

Overview of Courses You Could Teach before or after CS50 AP

  • Slides (Technology, Business, Law, Games)
  • Slides (Web Programming, Artificial Intelligence)
  • Video

Teachers Teaching CS50: A discussion with past and present CS50 AP teachers

How to Teach CS50B (CS in Business), CS50L (CS in Law), or CS50T (Technology)

How to Teach CS50G (Game Development)

How to Teach CS50W (Web Programming)

How to Teach CS50AI (Artificial Intelligence)