For answers to other questions, do just strike up a discussion with classmates!

What is the gradebook for this course?

cs50.me/cs50t. If you’ve never visited that link before, you’ll need to click the link to “enroll,” which really just enables your gradebook access!

I submitted an assignment but nothing is showing up in my Gradebook yet showing that I’ve submitted, why is that?

When you submit the Google Form for each assignment, you should receive an email confirmation; if you get that confirmation, we have your form and it will be graded within three weeks. Only after your work is graded will it typically update in your Gradebook.

My score changed on the Gradebook but I didn’t receive an email about it. Why?

Our staff grades periodically, but grades are never finalized until you receive an email from CS50 Bot, so even if the status changes you should not consider anything final until you get that email.

I submitted an assignment, how do I know if I passed?

If you received 7 or more points (out of 10), you passed!

I got less than 70% on an assignment! Can I resubmit?

Yes, of course! You may resubmit, just submit the form again, taking into account the feedback the staff left for you; we will only ever count your highest-scoring submission, so it’s okay to submit as many times as needed, but please try to submit only once until your score is released again, unless you make an error while submitting.

I got less than 70% on an assignment, but I don’t know why. How do I view my feedback?

Unfortunately the Google Forms release interface will occasionally render invisible a link that you can use to see what feedback may have been left for you by the staff. Below your score (“0/1” or “1/1”) in the email from bot@cs50.net releasing your score is a link; if your browser renders that link invisible, hover your mouse around in that area until you find a clickable spot; it’s there, we promise, click your mouse in the area roughly where the black box is in the below image (this particular image is from CS50L, but the score release emails all look the same!)


Note that for one-point questions, the staff does not ordinarily leave individualized feedback, but has instead aggregated some general feedback which you should review.

I resubmitted, but the same answer that was previously marked correct is now marked incorrect. Why?

This happens sometimes when answers are “borderline”. We do reserve the right to change our minds regarding the acceptability of an answer, and depending on the grader, different graders in particular might assess “borderline” answers differently. We encourage you to try to write a clearer answer, but if you’d rather not you can email certificates@cs50.harvard.edu and we can attempt to resolve (which may result in giving credit, or may result in us deciding credit was wrongly given in the first place!)

Do I have to choose Verification before starting the course?

Nope! If you would like an edX Verified Certificate, you can pay for verification at any point, even after completing all of the coursework. (Though we recommend, to avoid any logistical issues that can delay certificate issuance, that you verify before finishing the course. Otherwise, you will need to reach out to the staff to request a manual re-issue.)

I started CS50T prior to 2021 – what happened to my progress?

At the start of each calendar year (this year, on 13 January 2021) we clean up our gradebook and “reset” it, but your past progress is archived. Once you have an assignment submitted and graded in 2021, your past progress will be automatically imported. Just sit tight!

If I started CS50T before 2021, can I resume?

Yes, any progress you made on past years’ assignments will be carried forward to your gradebook. You must always complete the current version of the course, even if you started in a prior year.

I won’t be able to finish the course before 31 December 2021. What will happen?

After 31 December 2021, the course’s gradebook will be updated to a 2022 version. Your progress from 2021 will be carried forward to the 2022 version as described above. After 31 December 2021, you may only submit the 2022 version’s assignments and will need to satisfy whatever new requirements may be in place for CS50T 2022.

Is my child too young to take CS50T?

CS50T is perhaps best suited for ages 10 and up. Younger students might need a hand from a parent.

Does this course have prerequisites?

No, it does not.

How do I know if I have completed all requirements for a certificate?

cs50.me/cs50t shows the scores you have received for each submitted assignment. Once you have completed all requirements, you will see a green banner atop that page, confirming your completion.

If I paid for a verified certificate before 2021, do I need to pay again?

Your verification should be good for an entire year, but if it has expired, you should be able to re-verify yourself via edX’s dashboard.

How do I get my free CS50 Certificate?

Once you have completed the course and met all of the requirements, you’ll see a notice atop your cs50.me/cs50t page that your free CS50 Certificate, much like the one shown here, will be available within 30 days. You can visit certificates.cs50.io and log in with your edX credentials to obtain this certificate. Please be patient here; these certificates need to be loaded manually and as such we do batch them and generate them only once every 30 days.

How do I get my edX Verified Certificate? / Where is my edX Verified Certificate?

Every few weeks, CS50’s staff provides edX with a list of students who have satisfied CS50T’s requirements (by earning a satisfactory grade on every assignment. Typically within a week thereafter, edX then generates students’ Verified Certificates (for students who have active Verification), at which point they should appear automatically on edX’s dashboard. Note that edX will not notify you, so be sure to check your dashboard periodically.

If it has been more than 30 days since you met all requirements and you have still not received your certificate despite holding an active Verification that whole time, email certificates@cs50.harvard.edu with your details. Please do not email sooner; we cannot accept requests for expedited processing of Verified Certificates.

What’s the difference between a verified certificate and a CS50 Certificate?

A verified certificate, which you can purchase from from edX, “can provide proof for an employer, school, or other institution that you have successfully completed an online course. Verified certificates require you to verify your identity using a webcam and a photo identification card, so employers and schools know that you completed the course work.”

A CS50 Certificate is a free certificate from CS50 itself; CS50 does not verify identities.

When are deadlines?

CS50T does not have individual deadlines for assignments. You are welcome to work on and submit at your own pace.

The overall deadline for the course is end of day, Eastern time, on 31 December 2022 (Fri, Dec 31, 2022, 11:59 PM EST). For your convenience, we will often on this website render this time in your local timezone ().

If all required work is turned in before the above time, and ultimately receives a satisfactory grade (whether before or shortly after that deadline), you will be considered to have completed CS50T.

Why does edX think my grade is 0%?

CS50T doesn’t use edX’s built-in gradebook, so all students’ scores appear (in edX’s gradebook) as 0%, always. Not to worry, see cs50.me/cs50t for your actual scores.