Problem Set 0

What to Do

  1. Submit this form.
  2. Visit this link, log in with your GitHub account, and click Authorize CS50.
  3. Check the box indicating that you’d like to grant course staff access to your submission, and click Join course.
  4. Log into, which is a cloud-based version of Visual Studio Code (VS Code) that provides you with your very own “codespace” with everything that you need for the course pre-installed. No need to download and install VS Code or Python on your own Mac or PC!
  5. Once your codespace has loaded, close any Welcome tabs that might have opened by default
  6. In Codespace’s terminal, complete the steps under SSH at to configure your codespace for some of CS50’s command-line tools. (You should skip this step if you have already set up your codespace for the CS50x course.)
  7. Execute update50 in your codespace’s terminal window to ensure that your codespace is up-to-date; if prompted, click Rebuild now.
  8. Submit all of the problems below:

When to Do It

By 2023-12-31T23:59:00-05:00.