Data Visualization with D3, by Athena Braun

Data comes in many forms, but rarely is large spreadsheet the easiest way to glean information from it. Data visualization is a growing field in which researchers look for the best ways to show off their findings in digestible and even fun presentations. D3 is a powerful JavaScript library that allows users to quickly build exciting, interactive visualizations using real data.

Going Pro with Arduino, by Robert Jomar Malate

Working on software projects is a great way to develop your programming skills, but it is not as tangible and as fun as working with hardware! Arduino is a great first step to take into this new realm. Through some basic projects, you’ll learn how to get started with hardware projects and start venturing with your own ideas!

Interactive Websites with jQuery and Bootstrap, by Anton Ulyanov

We’ve seen how to quickly make websites look great with Boostrap, but we can also make our sleek websites interactive by combining the CSS library with jQuery — a popular library for JavaScript. In this seminar, we’ll cover the basics of the Bootstrap and jQuery libraries, and then see how we can combine the two to add interaction to a simple website.

JavaScript - The Basics, by Sela Kasepa

We’ll explore the basics of JavaScript; going deeper into using JavaScript on the client side, manipulating the DOM, explore the asynchronous behavior in JavaScript (with callbacks, promises, async await).

Web Development with Python and Django, by Nick Wong

A brief introduction to the powerful framework that is Django. Built on Python, Django makes building a web app quick, easy, and fun. This seminar will discuss how Django works and introduce the Model-View-Controller paradigm for web development.

The Wonderful World of GitHub, by Veronica Nutting

What is GitHub? How does it work and why is it useful? Learn the basics and more!

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