What’s new for 2021?

  • New-and-improved lectures (hopefully!), longer with more detail, filmed in the American Repertory Theater, albeit without an audience, for health’s sake!
  • Bigger and better demonstrations during lectures, thanks to the theater’s Prop Shop!
  • New lectures on Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Ethics!
  • Brand-new, weekly labs, which are hands-on exercises designed to prepare you all the more for each week’s problem set!
  • A new problem in Problem Set 7, Fiftyville, for which you’ll write SQL queries to solve a mystery!
  • Full lectures on web programming, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Flask, instead of end-of-term tracks. (Last year’s web track proved the most popular, so we decided to focus all support on that content rather than spread support more thinly!)
  • Downloadable MP4s of shorts, with subtitles and transcripts.
  • A new version of CS50 IDE, based on newer version of Linux (Ubuntu 20.04), complete with a virtual duck debugger and more!
  • A new version of CS50’s manual pages, with user-friendlier explanations of C functions!

And more!