Zoom Meetings

CS50 occasionally holds lectures and office hours (and even quiz shows!) via Zoom that anyone on the internet is welcome to attend, whether taking CS50 or not.

For any Zoom meeting you attend, please take care to

  • participate from a quiet office or similar space (and not from a bed, car, hammock, plane, or train), and
  • participate with your camera turned on, using horizontal (not vertical) video.

If unable to accommodate these norms some week, please watch the live stream or recording at youtube.com/cs50 or facebook.com/cs50 instead.


Fall 2020 of CS50 (which will become CS50x 2021 on 1 January 2021) is about to begin at Harvard and Yale, and CS50’s lectures are, as always, open to the public, this year via Zoom!

Whether you are a CS50x student, a CS50 AP student, a prospective student, a teacher, a parent, or a Harvard alum (or anyone else!), you are cordially invited to attend one or more of Fall 2020’s lectures via Zoom.

All you need to participate is a computer or phone, though you might find it convenient to have both. If using a phone, best to download polleverywhere.com/mobile in advance, but you can alternatively just use a browser to answer questions.

You’re welcome to register for one, some, or all of the lectures below. Upon registering, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to connect!

Zoom Week Lecture Date
Register Week 0 Computational Thinking, Scratch
Register Week 1 C
Register Week 2 Arrays
Register Week 3 Algorithms
Register Week 4 Memory
Register Week 5 Data Structures
Register Week 6 Python
Register Week 7 SQL
Register Week 8 HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Register Week 9 Flask
Register Week 10 Ethics

CS50 Lecture on Cybersecurity

There will also be a special CS50 lecture on cybersecurity on .

How to Keep Your Computer and Phone Secure

In 2019, the most common password, by one measure, was 123456. And the fourth-most common password was … password. (Are either of those yours?) Suffice it to say, we can do better. Even so, there are trade-offs! Join CS50 for a discussion of cybersecurity and learn how you can keep your computer and phone (more) secure. Just how private are your emails and texts? What’s “end-to-end encryption”? Is Zoom actually bad? And just what does incognito mode do? All this and more!


CS50 Lecture on Artificial Intelligence

There will also be a special CS50 lecture on artificial intelligence on .

Today, computers can drive cars, diagnose diseases, compose music, translate human languages, and more. How do these technologies work? And how can humans build computer systems that are smarter than ourselves? Join us for a discussion of the principles that lie at the foundation of modern artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Office Hours

None are scheduled at this time, but check back here soon!