Rules and Instructions

This exam is open-book: you may use any and all non-human resources during the exam except as noted below, but the only humans to whom you may turn for help or from whom you may receive help are the course’s heads, which means that

you may

  • browse and search the internet,
  • review books,
  • review public questions and answers already posted on Ed by you or your fellow students,
  • review the course’s own materials,
  • use your preferred code editor, and
  • make private-to-staff Ed posts seeking clarification on questions’ wordings (content-based questions will not be answered), but

you may not

  • copy/paste answers from the internet,
  • email your teaching fellow, the staff list, or any members of the course staff individually,
  • provide help to anyone, or
  • receive or solicit help (including by posting online anywhere other than Ed) from anyone other than the course’s heads.

Take care to review the course’s policy on academic honesty in its entirety. Note particularly, but not only, that

  • looking at another individual’s work during the exam is not reasonable,
  • turning to humans (besides the course’s heads, via Ed) for help or receiving help from humans (besides the course’s heads, via Ed) during the exam is not reasonable,
  • using AI-based software (tools such as ChatGPT, Copilot, the new Bing, et al.) that suggests or completes answers to questions or lines of code is not reasonable,
  • viewing another’s solution to an exam’s question, whether online or in-person, and basing your own solution on it is not reasonable, and
  • all of your answers must be in your own words.

If you quote or reference a source, it must be cited. Any such quotation should, of course, be only a part of your answer, since as noted above, the answers should be primarily your own words. No question on this exam requires more than a short paragraph (3 to 4 sentences) to answer at the absolute most, unless otherwise stated. Be sure in all cases to adhere to any length restrictions imposed by a question.

You may edit your exam submission as many times as you would like before the exam’s deadline (as by clicking “Resubmit” at the bottom of the page on Gradescope to reopen a past saved/submitted exam). Late submissions are not allowed, and will result, without exception, in a final exam score of zero.

What to Do

  1. Head over to CSCI S-1b on Gradescope.
  2. Select Exam.
  3. Answer all questions therein.

When to Do It

By 2023-08-04T23:59:00-04:00. Do plan accordingly!