The course treats Zoom just like a classroom. For any meeting that you attend, be sure to:

  • Participate from a quiet space (and not from a bed, car, hammock, plane, or train), where can you listen and speak. If you participate from a more public space, just be sure you won’t be approached or disturbed by others while there.
  • Be sure to participate with your camera turned on, using horizontal (not vertical) video, unless your circumstances don’t permit.

If unable to accommodate these norms for some meeting, please watch the recording (if any) thereof. And please forgive if the staff ask you to log out so that all attendees are those fully engaged!


All sections are held online via Zoom. Per the syllabus, you are expected to attend sections live, one per lecture. A calendar of sections will appear below once times have been set. Check the bottom of the calendar below for an indication of what time zone the calendar is displaying.

Sections have no limit and you can attend any one you’d like in a given week, but we grab via an API your name and email attached to your Zoom account when you sign into the meeting for attendance so be certain that you can be properly identified, if you want credit for attending the section! (You are free to switch to a pseudonym, if you wish, during the section meeting itself!) Watching a recording of a section does not substitute for the section attendance requirement in the course’s syllabus.

  Lecture Date
Section 1 HTML, CSS; Git; Python week of 29 January 2024
Section 2 Django week of 5 February 2024
Section 3 SQL, Models, and Migrations week of 19 February 2024
Section 4 JavaScript week of 4 March 2024
Section 5 User Interfaces week of 25 March 2024
Section 6 Testing, CI, and CD week of 8 April 2024
Section 7 Scalability and Security week of 22 April 2024

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