Quiz G

What to Do

  1. Head over to CSCI E-33a on Gradescope.
  2. Select Quiz G.
  3. Answer all questions therein.

When to Do It

By 2024-04-12T23:59:00-04:00.


Remember that if you accidentally “Submit” your quiz before you’ve answered all of the questions, you can simply click “Resubmit” at the bottom right in Gradescope to reopen the quiz for continued editing. You may do this as often as you’d like, up until the deadline.

Gradescope does not maintain a revision history for written assignments, like this one. So you will only ever see your original submission timestamp, and then subsequent modifications are simply considered edits to that original submission. When you view your submission on Gradescope after submitting, what you see is exactly what we will see.