Lectures are pre-recorded videos in which new concepts and skills are introduced by example. Every two weeks, you’ll begin learning new concepts and skills by engaging with the corresponding lecture.

Lectures are released by noon Eastern Time on the date indicated.

  Date Lecture Topics
Lecture 0 Tue 09/05 Querying databases, database engines, selecting, filtering, aggregating, ordering
Lecture 1 Mon 09/18 Relating keys, tables, nested queries, joins
Lecture 2 Mon 10/02 Designing schemas, types, table creation, normalization
Lecture 3 Mon 10/16 Writing inserting, updating, cleaning, deleting, triggers
Lecture 4 Mon 10/30 Viewing views for simplifying, aggregating, partitioning, and securing; common table expressions
Lecture 5 Mon 11/13 Optimizing indexes, b-trees, locks, transactions, vacuuming
Lecture 6 Mon 11/27 Scaling database servers (MySQL, PostgreSQL), replicating, sharding, access controls