Quiz 5

What to Do

  1. Go to CSCI E-80’s Ed page.
  2. In the navigation bar at top, click the “Lessons” button (indicated by the book icon).
  3. Click Quiz 5.
  4. Answer each of the questions in the quiz. You can switch questions by choosing from the menu at left.

When to Do It

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How to Submit

  1. Download your completed quiz as a PDF by clicking the in the upper right, clicking Preview Lesson and then choosing Download PDF.
  2. Go to CSCI E-80’s Gradescope page. If you get a message that says “You are not authorized to access this page,” be sure you’ve signed up for the course on Gradescope per the software form!
  3. Click Quiz 5.
  4. Click Submit PDF.
  5. Click Select PDF and choose your quiz file.
  6. Click Upload PDF.
  7. Click Question 1 in the Question Outline at left, then click the page (or pages) on which your response to Question 1 is located. Repeat this process for Questions 2, 3, and 4.
  8. Click Submit.

You should see a message that says “Quiz 5 submitted successfully!”

If you run into any trouble with the above steps, email ai@cs50.harvard.edu!