CS50 Lecture on Cybersecurity

As part of Harvard College’s First-Year Family Weekend, there’ll be a special CS50 lecture on cybersecurity for families on . Optional for CS50 students, but all are welcome (not just first years!), especially if you’d like to learn how to keep your computer and phone secure!

How to Keep Your Computer and Phone Secure

In 2019, the most common password, by one measure, was 123456. And the fourth-most common password was … password. (Are either of those yours?) Suffice it to say, we can do better. Even so, there are trade-offs! Join CS50 for a discussion of cybersecurity and learn how you can keep your computer and phone (more) secure. Just how private are your emails and texts? What’s “end-to-end encryption”? Is Zoom actually bad? And just what does incognito mode do? All this and more!

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In 2004, Twenty-four enterprising Yale students created the non-existent “Harvard Pep Squad” for the big Harvard-Yale football game.

As the Pep Squad pumped up the Harvard fans, they distributed 1800 pieces of red and white construction papers with the understanding that when all the cards were held up, it would spell “GO HARVARD”

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