Piece of Mind

It helps users organize their tasks!

Salena Tong Chua

Don't Touch Your Face

An application that warns you whenever your hand is a bit too close to your face

David Cao

Albanian Biz

A web app that allows people to search for certain kind of businesses within a certain location (in this example I have used Albanian businesses all over the world)

Marisa Saraci

Covid Care

Determining whether someone should be tested for Covid

Jonathan David Douglass

Agatha's Library

Online database of stories and essays.

Ayana Mary Yaegashi and Cana Nakase


a webpage that is perfect for people, young adults or kids to get there first experience with stocks and trading

Cornelius Bencsik

Scan or Ban

Enables on arrival booking of rooms, as well as the confirmation of existent spaces. EDIT AFTER DEADLINE: DISCLAIMER - Our css is not optimized for safari yet but it works without issues on chrome.

Carlo Kobe, Fabrizio Serafini, and Calliste Skouras

Feeling it!

It is an interactive virtual mood tracker

Janani Sekar


A forum for people during quarantine

James Charles Toliver and Ace Mejia-Sanchez

Your Recipe Box

A website that allows users to create and store recipe cards.

Eileen Rose Egolf

Personal Planner

A digital task and event planner

Amy Nichols


Plan and track effective houshold sanitation.

John Mewherter

Fly Through Food

The project aims at users selecting a food which shows them where to travel to consume that dish.

Charlotte Orcutt

My Sister's Website

I create a website for my sister that explains information about herself and her research work

Julio Cesar Perez

Deep worker

Deep work is a simple productivity tool that helps you understand how well you use your work hours.

Andres Rosales and Kidus Negesse


A cryptocurrency trading bot.

Emily Liu

Wellness: The Experience

A wellness app to track users' daily goals and completion for fitness and nutrition

Nathan Zhao and Arda Cataltepe

Future's Edge: Unveiling the Fight for Humanity

Global Arms Control Simulator.

Colin McGinn

CS50 puzzle day, if CS50 puzzle day consisted of one, decently made physics-based puzzle in a grungy warehouse.


Joseph B Bilski