Problem Sets

Problem sets are programming assignments that allow you to implement each week’s concepts in code.

Problem Set Language Release Deadline
Problem Set 0 Scratch 20200902T161500-0400 20200906T235900-0400
Problem Set 1 C 20200907T161500-0400 20200913T235900-0400
Problem Set 2 C 20200914T161500-0400 20200920T235900-0400
Problem Set 3 C 20200921T161500-0400 20200927T235900-0400
Problem Set 4 C 20200928T161500-0400 20201004T235900-0400
Problem Set 5 C 20201005T161500-0400 20201011T235900-0400
Problem Set 6 Python 20201012T161500-0400 20201018T235900-0400
Problem Set 7 SQL 20201019T161500-0400 20201025T235900-0400
Problem Set 8 HTML, CSS, JavaScript 20201026T161500-0400 20201101T235900-0500
Problem Set 9 Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript 20201102T161500-0500 20201108T235900-0500

Problem Set Solutions