Led by Brian Yu ’19, Tommy MacWilliam ’13, and Colton Ogden, supersections are optional Zoom-based opportunities after each lecture to review the day’s material and ask additional questions.

Open Zoom



The course treats Zoom just like a classroom. For any supersection that you attend, be sure to:

  • Participate from a quiet space (e.g., your room) where can you listen and speak. If you participate from a more public space (e.g., a classroom, conference room, dining hall, or the like), just be sure you won’t be approached or disturbed by others while there.
  • Be sure to participate with your camera turned on, using horizontal (not vertical) video.

If unable to accommodate these norms for some supersection, please watch the recording thereof. And please forgive if the staff ask you to log out so that all attendees are those fully engaged!