Lab 5: Inheritance

Simulate the inheritance of blood types for each member of a family.

$ ./inheritance
Child (Generation 0): blood type OO
    Parent (Generation 1): blood type AO
        Grandparent (Generation 2): blood type OA
        Grandparent (Generation 2): blood type BO
    Parent (Generation 1): blood type OB
        Grandparent (Generation 2): blood type AO
        Grandparent (Generation 2): blood type BO

Getting Started

Open VS Code.

Start by clicking inside your terminal window, then execute cd by itself. You should find that its “prompt” resembles the below.


Click inside of that terminal window and then execute


followed by Enter in order to download a ZIP called in your codespace. Take care not to overlook the space between wget and the following URL, or any other character for that matter!

Now execute


to create a folder called inheritance. You no longer need the ZIP file, so you can execute


and respond with “y” followed by Enter at the prompt to remove the ZIP file you downloaded. Finally, right-click on the inheritance folder and click “Open in CS50 Lab”. You should see the specification for this problem on the left-hand side and its distribution code on the right-hand side.