Our thanks to CS50’s alumni and friends in industry and beyond, including:

  • AgileBits, via which CS50’s staff manage passwords
  • Amazon Web Services, via which CS50 hosts files and web apps, including CS50 IDE
  • Asana, which CS50 uses to manage projects
  • Auth0, which CS50 uses for authentication
  • Dropbox, via which CS50’s staff share files
  • Facebook, with whom CS50 hosts CS50 Puzzle Day
  • Fundación Uno, which supports CS50’s outreach in Nicaragua
  • Front, via which CS50’s staff answer questions online
  • GitHub, which CS50 uses to store and deploy code
  • Google, who support CS50 Lab and CS50 Sandbox
  • Netlify, which CS50 uses to host static websites
  • Next Tech, which CS50 uses for CS50 Sandbox and CS50 Lab
  • Notion, which CS50 uses for internal documentation
  • Portworx, which CS50 IDE uses to manage storage
  • TransitScreen, whose software runs on CS50’s displays on campus