Code Reviews

Whereas check50 provides feedback on the correctness of your code, and style50 provides feedback on the style of your code, code reviews are optional Zoom-based opportunities after each problem set for feedback on the design of your code, led by the TFs and CAs with just a few classmates present so that everyone can learn from each other.

Even if your code is correct and well styled, feedback on design might include:

  • What could you have done better?
  • How could you make your code more efficient?
  • How could you write your code more cleanly or clearly?

At each code review, you’ll be asked if you’d like to share your code for feedback or simply observe. If you’d prefer not to share yours with classmates, not a problem, simply schedule one-on-one time with your TF.

Sign Up for Code Review


The course treats Zoom just like a classroom. For any code reviews that you attend, even if you don’t plan to share your own code, be sure to:

  • Participate from a quiet space (e.g., your room) where can you listen and speak. If you participate from a more public space (e.g., a classroom, conference room, dining hall, or the like), just be sure you won’t be approached or disturbed by others while there.
  • Be sure to participate with your camera turned on, using horizontal (not vertical) video.

If unable to accommodate these norms for some code review, please sign up for another instead. And please forgive if the staff ask you to log out so that all attendees are those fully engaged!